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The present paves the way for the future and the technological changes speed up the progress. The new technologies are affecting our daily life and lighting is an integral part of it. HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas is a novel element in our value chain, it acts as a «lighting beacon» that complements our services and strengthens our relationship with the artistic architectural community. And not just that! Our goal is that HUB Lighting & Innovation will become a reference point for architects, designers, technical companies, electricians and individuals and will meet the needs of every project with immediacy by providing services, products and high quality solutions. The HUB team, characterized by their passion, gusto, and undeniable professionalism have created our new spaces where we are ready to welcome you. Our mission is to serve your needs with integrity, honesty and respect in order to provide you with the most optimal solution! Is it any wonder that this team can work miracles?

How far can we go? Sky is the limit!

We invite you to enjoy this new interactive experience and share with us your ideas, because oftentimes the best is the enemy of the good!

nikos kafkas

president & CEO

the design

A hub of specialized professionals. A network of a wide variety of specialties. The core, the focal point of the company where all executive and functional units meet. A HUB for lighting and innovation.

the idea

The HUB constitutes a place where the light breathes life into innovation. A setting where light’s interaction with technology is artfully showcased. A project that brings out constantly the necessity of the interplay between functionality and aesthetics.

the vision

The HUB aspires to inspire new methods of communication, education and collaboration. Every space has been designed to animate different scenarios and actions that require the contribution of professionals from diverse scientific disciplines to combine novel ideas with the ultimate goal of delivering a completed project from start to finish.

innovative solutions for every space
our projects
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Our Team of Experts

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