Terms and Conditions of Use

General Terms of Use

The website www.hubkafkas.com is one of the websites of the company V. KAFKAS S.A, having its registered office at 1st km of Markopoulou Avenue- Paiania Attica 19002 (TIN: 094251730 / ATHENS TAX OFFICE FOR COMMERCIAL SOCIΙTΙS ANONYMES). contact e-mail: customercare@kafkas.gr Orders by Phone: 2163003333 Fax: 2163003100.
Access and browsing to www.hubkafkas.com and the use of our website is made under your exclusive responsibility, its is subject to all applicable legislative provisions and governed by the following terms and conditions. Before entering and using our website, please read carefully and make sure you have understood and you agree with these terms, rules, statements and conditions.
Customer/user who does not agree with the following terms must refrain from using our website and from any transaction therewith.
V. KAFKAS S.A. informs users through this website of any changes to the terms of the transactions, while retaining the right to unilaterally modify or renew at any time and any of these terms of use and to change the content of the website www.hubkafkas.com at any time. Customers/users in turn also bear exclusive responsibility to check at regular intervals for any modifications to these terms of use. These modifications are binding and by using the website on their behalf you are presumed to have accepted them.

Information and Products Provided

The company V. KAFKAS S.A. in relation to the products under presentation at www.hubkafkas.com, is committed not only to the validity of the basic characteristics associated with them, but also to the quality, completeness and validity of the information posted on this website. The accuracy of the data of the services provided, is ensured to the same extent, without prejudice to any errors, of technical or typographical in nature that have occurred unintentionally or inadvertently.

Limitation of Liability

The company bears no responsibility for any technical problems that may occur to customers/users when accessing and browsing the website and which relate exclusively either to the proper operation and compatibility of their own infrastructure or to acts or omissions of third parties in the form of unauthorized interference in information or /and services or /and products available through the website.

User Obligations/Liability

The user of the website www.hubkafkas.com is required to use the website in accordance with the law and these terms. It accepts and commits that it will not use the website for sending, publishing and transmitting content in any way which is illegal and that in general it will not infringe the applicable Greek and European legislation and the provisions thereof. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or broadcasting in other ways content such as, internal, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of labor relations or information which is covered by confidentiality agreements, sending, publishing, sending by e-mail content which infringes any patent, trademark, copyrights or proprietary rights of third parties as well as content intentionally or unintentionally having been designed with the purpose to cause damage and interruption of operation of such website, commonly material containing viruses is a criminal offense and it is prohibited unreservedly and categorically.
The visit of the company’s website must take place exclusively for personal/private use and for legitimate purposes and always in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. The customer/user accepts and commits that he will not proceed with any acts or omissions that may cause damage and lead to the malfunction of the company’s website by affecting or endangering the services provided and which acts or omissions illegally damage and affect the company.


The website www.hubkafkas.com uses cookies, small text files that are stored in your browser during your visit and navigation for the exclusive and sole purpose of providing personalized functions, since they collect data/information and they store preferences related exclusively to your activity on our website.
By collecting data about users behavior and storing their preferences, cookies are important files not only because they make it easier for users to access (because their personal preferences would be impossible to store, so each time they visited a page they would be like entering for the first time), but also because they provide improved and personalized functions to users.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website www.hubkafkas.com is the official website of HUB Lighting & Innovation of the company V. KAFKAS S.A. and therefore all its content, information, data, photographs, trademarks, logos, graphics, drawings and any other distinctive features as well as in general all digital files and services provided on the website are the intellectual property of the company itself and they are protected by Greek, European and international laws on intellectual and industrial property. It is forbidden in any way to mislead the public about the true beneficiary of the content of this website, which constitutes the intellectual property of company V. KAFKAS S.A. and it is not allowed, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek legislation, for the content to be retransmitted and to constitute, in whole or in part, the subject of copying, modification, republication or distribution, in any way or by any means.
The trade names, marks, images, logos and distinctive features representing the website www.hubkafkas.com or third parties and their products or services, are exclusive trademarks of the website www.hubkafkas.com or of the third parties and they are protected by the relevant laws on trade marks commercial or industrial property. The display thereof on the website should not in any way be construed as a transfer or granting of license or right to use such content. Liabilities arising from the use by third parties in any way of the above trademarks and distinctive features of third parties shall not be borne by the company.

Personal Data

We are bound to safeguard your Personal Data. We have taken appropriate organizational and technical measures for the safety and protection of your Data from any type of accidental or illicit processing. These measures are reviewed and amended whenever deemed necessary.
Recipients of the Data shall be the absolutely necessary personnel of the Company that is bound to maintain confidentiality and the enterprises cooperating with us, which process your Data as Processors on our account and in accordance with our mandate.
The Processors have agreed and are contractually bound by the Company:
• to maintain confidentiality,
• not to send Data to third parties without the Company’s permission,
• to take appropriate safety measures,
• to comply with the legal framework for the protection of the personal data and, particularly, the GDPR Regulation.
Only persons authorized by us, our employees and partners are allowed to process your Data in any way, exclusively for the purposes for which we have been authorized by you.
We may share or communicate your Data, if you have explicitly requested this or when it is required by the law.
For more information regarding the management of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of our company at the Address: 1st km. Markopoulou Avenue- Paiania Attica Postal Code 19002 or at the email address: dpo@kafkas.gr

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