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The HUB team is well staffed with people of different specialties and professional background in order for the team to undertake wholly or in a fragmentary way, stages of the lighting study of each project. Specialized professionals in the field have the ability to configure the lighting proposal – from the early stages of architectural composition to the final phases of study & implementation. Among the aims of the team is to develop a comprehensive proposal that meets the functional requirements of each project, that highlights its architectural style while ensuring innovative solutions that provide visual comfort and that secure the smallest possible energy footprint.

Lighting Concept

Lighting Services

The lighting design operates supportively in the architectural composition by highlighting the aesthetics and the function of the architectural shell (internal and external).

For this reason, ideally the lighting study is consistent with the architecture, in order to benefit the greater extent of its potential. In the first steps of architectural composition, lighting acts as a catalyst that can empower or autonomously constitute the central idea of each project.

Architectural Plans

Lighting Services

Given that the architectural design has been completed, the lighting design is adapted to the given specifications. The integration of lighting winds among architectural, electrical and mechanical designs, as it is evident from the project’s central idea.

The data and architectural designs are invested with the lighting proposal as the location, type and mode of control of lighting fixtures are noted in them. The lighting designs include floor plans, underneath views, views, sections as well as structural details and they are accompanied with the corresponding technical leaflets of the luminaires.

Phototechnical Study

Lighting Services

The preparation of a photo-technical study is necessary in certain categories of projects since it guarantees numerical sizes that are in line with given standards depending on the use.

At the same time, it examines uniformity parameters, by also taking into account significant parameters of the space (geometry, colorings, surfaces materials).

Three dimensional Display

Lighting Services

Based on the two-dimensional depiction of the previous study and with the aim of visualizing and understanding the effect of lighting, the possibility is provided, of a three-dimensional display of the proposal, with the luminaires integrated which are provided for by the study.

The result is a powerful communication tool as it translates parameters such as aesthetics and atmosphere, that are difficult to perceive through architectural designs.

Lighting Animation

Lighting Services

The possibility of navigation and interaction is provided in a three-dimensional display space.

The user can choose different lighting scenarios in order to experience the overall atmosphere that is represented by the proposed solution. This specific provision aims to enhancing the experience of lighting by the user.

Products Specification Consultancy

Lighting Services

In cases where the flexibility of the study is limited due to a given, existing electrical installation, needs of the structure are determined through effective communication with the customer and through autopsy in the project.

A table of detailed specifications of the proposed luminaires, lamps and related accessories selected with a detailed description of the construction and dimensions shall be drawn up. This includes the proposed manufacturers of the products, their order code and ultimately the project budget results.

Feasibility - Energy Study

Lighting Services

Part of the study can be the comparative cost – efficiency calculation of luminaires. Parameters such as operating hours, maintenance, etc. are also taken into account in order to draw conclusions and to make decisions regarding the depreciation of the investment and the energy footprint of the proposal.

Automation Systems

Lighting Services

The study of lighting is completed with specialized control solutions in order for the user to define the alternation of operating conditions, the creation of scenarios depending on the use etc. – The programming can be combined with the smart management of different operations – sound, shading, temperature – of each space thus ensuring the ultimate control with the most advanced technology systems.

Project Supervision

Lighting Services

The team is able to participate in the monitoring of the project throughout its development, ensuring its successful completion.

It offers services that include fully coordinated details of the construction, for installation and support of luminaires in the building shell, coordination of lighting systems with other automation systems, in order to deliver a perfect result.

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