Building Automations
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The HUB team is well staffed with people of different specialties and professional background in order for the team to undertake wholly or in a fragmentary way, stages of the lighting study of each project. Specialized professionals in the field have the ability to configure the lighting proposal – from the early stages of architectural composition to the final phases of study & implementation. Among the aims of the team is to develop a comprehensive proposal that meets the functional requirements of each project, that highlights its architectural style while ensuring innovative solutions that provide visual comfort and that secure the smallest possible energy footprint.

Building Automations

Building Automations

In addition to the management and control of lighting, its function has an important role, which must be in harmony with the ambient conditions and offer the desired comfort.

The building automation team proposes solutions, combining, in addition to lighting, all the functions of the building. Based on the three-fold savings, harmonization with the environment & comfort, solutions are proposed to convert the building into “intelligent”.

The ultimate goal is for the lighting to work in perfect combination with the building structures (such as shading, frames etc.) and with the environment in order to achieve the desired conditions we have set.

emobility - Car Charging Systems

Building Automations

The installation of a car charging system raises a number of questions about what is the ideal charging station, how the charger is managed remotely, what is the necessary protection for the user and the charger, what options are available if the available power of the building is not sufficient for the charging stations, etc.

The team has the experience to provide answers and help to choose the best overall solution, depending on the requirements of each application.

panels & distribution systems

Building Automations

The Electrical Panel is the “heart” of the electrical installation. The experience and know-how of the engineers and technicians of the two Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Panel Construction Units, in relation to the high quality and reliability product, contribute substantially to the fast and quality implementation of the installation by the electricians, to the successful completion of demanding Projects by technical companies and finally to the exceptional satisfaction of the needs of the final customer.


Building Automations

The ICT team aims to support IT consultants in setting up a Data Center, building cabling systems and physical infrastructure requirements. Our team introduces the standard updates to the market based on technological trends and requirements.

Through its experience, it supports the ICT market with design solutions according to the required specifications: size, shape, industry and business model of the organizations. In addition, it supports BoM production partners and keeps them informed of new technologies by training them in copper, fiber optic and data center infrastructure solutions.

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