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«Stronger than light, more than just automation. An interactive state-of-the-art experience!» 

HUB Lighting & Innovation constitutes a very important link in the chain of value in Kafkas Corp., a link that complements our services and communicates directly with a new artistic audience. With the help of the team of our lighting experts, by employing the basic tenets of architectural design in the field of lighting, automation and the new technologies, we have succeeded in creating a new language of communication.

nikolaos pavlos

lighting expert & team leader

Senior Lighting Manager
konstantinos dagres
Our Team
Kostas is one of the senior executives in our company, specializing in lighting. He takes seriously into account the needs of our customers and he masterfully ensures that harmony and excellent relations are preserved among the parties involved.
For three decades, he has supervised of a multitude of projects, and his perception and valuable experience have guaranteed the integrity and proper implementation of every lighting design. By being a keen observer of the international trends and forever expanding his knowledge on the global market, in conjunction with his infectious interest on innovative applications, he stands out as the motivator and source of inspiration for the entire team.
lighting Designer manager
christina moudara
Our Team
BA Interior Architecture, Middlesex University, UK MA Architectural Studies, Brighton University, UK
Christina has gained 10 years’ worth of professional experience while working in architectural companies, both in Greece and the UK. Since 2008 she has been specializing professionally in architectural lighting, has participated in many exhibitions regarding lighting installation, and, on an academic level, she teaches architectural lighting in AKTO School of Arts & Design.
She has curated the architectural design of the Showroom, through which she narrates the history of Lighting & Innovation HUB, and has orchestrated the way the team studies and materializes projects, all the while actively participating even in the most demanding of said projects.
senior lighting consultant
georgia markouli
Our Team
lighting consultant
vasiliki tsigkogia
Our Team
Digital Systems Designer
Vasiliki has been employed in companies specializing in architectural lighting systems since 2003. Her longstanding experience, paired with her expertise in architectural lighting, have established her as one of the most valuable executives in HUB. She is capable of undertaking projects that are demanding as well as complicated (buildings of different scales and a wide variety of uses) from the initial concept, the architectural study to the materialization of the project.
She excels for her high aesthetics and the ability to communicate her designs through a variety of media.
lighting consultant
dimitra maragou
Our Team
Architect Engineer – University of Thessaly
Dimitra has worked in architectural companies in Berlin and Athens, and since 2015 she has been exclusively involved in lighting design. She is an active participant in all the stages of the project - from the initial approach to the completion of the construction and the handover to the customer.
Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the local and global market in lighting contribute substantially to the fresh, creative and functional materialization of the HUB’s projects.
lighting consultant
myrto tempelopoulou
Our Team
architect engineer-technical university of crete
lighting account manager
george thivaios
Our Team
Electrician of installations of buildings and industrial compounds
George has been a member of our lighting team since 2020. He has acquired 8 years’ worth of experience in similar posts in significant companies that specialize in designing lighting installations.
His experience and technological expertise in this particular field have proven to be a great asset for the team. Additionally, his vast knowledge regarding construction affords him the ability to present immediate and optimal suggestions for lighting installations even in the most demanding projects.
lighting account manager
ioannis koniaris
Our Team
presaler officer
dora petridou
Our Team
lighting consultant
dora attarnt
Our Team
We guarantee the
final result

We design and carry out customized solutions for lighting and new technologies installations, either as a standalone service or as part of a larger project, in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding environments. Our design proposals are tailored to every project so as to create a premium result that bears the unique signature of HUB and showcases the interior design as well as the overall architectural identity of every space.

We innovate in
building automations

We create spaces that «come alive» and are adapted to the needs of the exterior surroundings while also taking into account the needs of the users of every specific space. We always take into account the most optimal combination of comfort, safety and energy savings.

building technologies engineer
georgios mermingis
Our Team
Electrical Engineer – Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece
George began his career at KAFKAS in 2014 and since 2021, he has been a member of the HUB team. He is an Electrical Engineer with years of professional experience in implementing automation studies, primarily using KNX, in residential and tourist facilities, among others. Additionally, as a KNX Tutor, he contributes to the dissemination and consolidation of knowledge in building automation.
With his technical expertise, he significantly contributes to the development of expertise in lighting management, as well as in home and industrial automation.
motion & drives senior engineer
christos gkiokas
Our Team
Electrical Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer – Democritus University of Thrace
Christos has many years of experience in building and industrial installations. He contributes actively in the selection of the most suitable equipment and the designing of integrated solutions by incorporating innovative technologies in the design. He is also an instructor in Kafkas Institute and is a key figure in the education of the company’s associates in matters of selection, configuration and debugging of the hardware he is in charge of.
ICT Presales Engineer
Christos Apergis
Our Team
Electrical Engineer - ATEI of Central Greece
Christos is a graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering of ATEI of Central Greece. He has 3 years of experience in the field of ICT and since May 2019 he has been working in the ICT department.

Having served as Sales Consultant in the company's store network and being attentive to the needs of the market, he is the link between the department and the dynamic consumer market.
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