Olympic Palace Hotel
Olympic Palace Hotel
Category / Area / Rodos, Greece
architectural design Rena Mania
Manos Kokolakis

The Jewel of Rhodes

Olympic Palace Hotel is a 5-star hotel, located in a privileged spot in Ixia, Rhodes. Its organic form is in complete harmony with the environment and creates a unique landmark in the topography of Ixia. It offers the luxury of 342 lavish rooms, swimming pools, a private beach, restaurants and spaces of various entertaining activities for its guests.

The lighting experts of HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas undertook the lighting proposal for the Olympic Palace Hotel. Taking advantage of the building’s structure, adding aesthetic value and ensuring the efficiency of the lighting installation throughout the entire complex were the main objectives of the proposal.


Challenges of
the project

The main goal of this particular project was to create streams of light that would highlight the concave parts of the building’s façade. According to the architect, these lines had to be revealed to the visitors upon their arrival on the island  by plane, without causing any glare to the users of the individual spaces behind the facade of the building.

In addition, the need to select luminaires suitable for placement near a seaside area was imperative. Otherwise, repairing them in case of possible damage would require the installation of scaffolding and crane, a costly process that would disrupt the smooth function of the hotel complex.

From concept to

The HUB team made a proposal for the exterior lighting of the Olympic Palace Hotel, while proposing the use of a special section profile. Only cutting edge LED technology materials were used, that are resistant to environments characterized with high levels of brine and exposure to the Mediterranean sun and also exhibit long service life to ensure that no maintenance or replacement would be required. At the same time, a variety of lighting requirements were met in different areas of the complex (eg. restaurants, bars, guest rooms, private or public swimming pools, sauna & spa etc). Finally, the visual comfort and safety of the guests of the resort were ensured during the night both inside and in the surrounding area of ​​the hotel.

Olympic Palace Hotel
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