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HUB Lighting & Innovation by Kafkas

A trademarked building

The building that houses the premises of Uni-pharma is now a jewel in Kato Kifissia and it proves that a lighting intervention can increase the social footprint of a company’s corporate identity and it is able to change the structure of the map of the city in which Uni-pharma is based and where it is put into action. Although located in the industrial zone it seems to expand the urban web with a system of innovative technology – an innovative artwork that takes place in the lighting of the building shell.

For our team, the Uni-pharma building is a work-station, highlighting the level of lighting design which is able to be provided, the use on the edge of branded technological lighting materials, and the creation of high aesthetic result.

The project won the Golden Award in the category Industrial, at the  Lighting Awards 2022


Challenges of
the project

The main challenge of the project was the creation of an impressive facade that gives the sense of urban building within the industrial zone. Our team was invited to use state-of-the-art materials according to the specifications, and to ensure the long-term functionality of the intervention

From concept to

The study team envisioned the implementation of the project based on the basic pillars that govern our operation, i.e. ensuring functionality, safety and convenience in maintenance, the aesthetic integrity and the integration of lighting in the architecture of the building. Through the use of cutting-edge technology that emerged from the feasibility study, a perfect result was achieved

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